• As an engineer/producer/bass player I recently had a session with Brad at Evergroove. It is one of the nicest studios I have had the pleasure of working in. Top notch gear, top level engineer, and great atmosphere. I will be taking all my projects there!!

    Chris Gartenmann, Engineer/Producer/Musician

    I was very pleased with the mastering I got at Evergroove, sounded better than what [a well-known, Grammy award winning, mastering facility] did with the same song.

    Ben Clock, Official Website

    “The masters sound absolutely KILLER.”
    - Meaghan Lillis, Lightlooms & Todd Wilcox, Engineer/Producer/Owner Halogen Sound Studio

    Brad and his staff at Evergroove provided a relaxing atmosphere that allowed our band to record music that we were really proud of. Brad’s knowledge on how to record bowed strings is so solid that I am planning on coming back to record music for my solo project.

    I was really struck with the serenity at Evergroove Studio and keenly inspired as a musician, which is what you want when you go in to record. Not only was it peaceful, but you could tell that this high-end studio was well-designed and constructed with lots of love for the artist.

    Eric McLennan, Bottle Rocket Science

    The personalized attention, relaxed atmosphere, and brilliant talent will bring me back to Evergroove for future projects. Brad heard what we envisioned for this album, and became a part of it. So happy with every part of the process!

    Heather Haas, Ground Above Zero

    Just finished up w/ Brad on an EP! If you are a band, single or any group I would STRONGLY recommend working with Evergroove Studio. The whole process was calm, fun, and enjoyable. We are lucky to have a pro level studio, so economical and so close with a location and atmosphere that can’t be beat. Check em’ out!

    Alan Gould, Singer/Songwriter

    On behalf of all of us, I wanted to thank you for this weekend. I have been listening to the ruff [sic] mix and I am thoroughly impressed with all the tones.

    Tony Corona, all capitals

    I had a really great time and tons of fun. Thank you so much for the excellent facilities! The location truly is perfect… If any stress enters the scene, it’s pretty quickly resolved by a step out the door and a breath of mountain air. Most other steps-out-the-door greet you with loud traffic and city-stink.

    John Remington, Freelance Engineer

    The mixes sound great. You’ve done a great job.

    Matt Liffengren, Sure Conviction

    As a musician, I’d like to think that your first time in a real recording studio and your first real recording session are life long memories. That being said, from all of us from Soon To Be Titans, I want to send a HUGE thank you to Brad from Evergroove Studio for going well above and beyond our expectations for our recording experience. Your professionalism and knowledge were only matched by your enthusiasm and ability to put up with 5 twenty-something year olds! I speak for the other four guys and myself in saying that, it was one hell of a time, and again, thank you!

    Nick Youngblood, Soon to be Titans

    I could ramble on more about everything I love about the mix but since I have done that to some extent already I will just say simply I couldn’t have envisioned getting a sound that is closer to what I was hoping for on this record. I will shower you with more accolades in person at the next available opportunity.

    The final product sounds great to me! Not sure what all goes on in the mastering process but of course it sounds even better than the mixes you gave us. It sounds crispy, clear, and punchy. I am thrilled with the bass/drum/rhythm guitar sounds which are a consistent thread tying the songs together even though many of the songs are quite different.

    I am very optimistic about Egg Planet’s future. Thanks again for a great sounding record and for being a HUGE part of any success that we have.

    Kevin Alumbaugh, Egg Planet

    Thanks for such excellent work on such a long day yesterday. That track sounds really good. You’re so good at making things better than they originally sounded on the other end of that microphone! You do excellent work!

    Art Blevins, The Dax Equation

    It has been awhile since I have really listened to our album Sidetracks. Today I took an hour walk around the lake and listened to it via my MP3 player. While we were recording etc., much of the discussion centered around building something we could be proud of. Mission accomplished.

    Bill Chapman, Just Desserts

    Everything about this studio is fantastic. From its beautiful location to its excellent monitoring environment, Evergroove has everything you need to craft an amazing record. One of the most forward thinking studios out there for sure.

    Ethan Klein, Freelance Engineer

    We at BRS want to thank Evergroove Studio for a RIGHTEOUS studio experience. Some great stuff happening up there! Fellow musicians, if you haven’t looked into booking some time at Evergroove yet…what the hell are you waiting for? I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Bottle Rocket Science

    Brad is such a great engineer to work with! Kind, funny and very skilled. It was an absolute pleasure recording with him.

    Rachel Scott

    It was a pleasure to meet you and to be inspired by your producing & mixing expertise. We couldn’t imagine a greater first time recording experience. Thank you for your commitment to excellence, & for your passion to cultivate such an extraordinary creative environment that is Evergroove.

    Ryan Stephen Holly, Pangaean Pictures

    We got the masters and they sound awesome!

    Pierce Murphy, The 10:39s

    I am a major advocate of these folks and their studio. I have recorded there and they exceeded my expectations.

    Robert "Goose" Guzman, Well respected, and long-time, Denver Music Icon

    Brad has been our man for all our mixes. He’s a great guy and has a fantastic approach to getting our sound right. I trust him implicitly.

    David Sparks, The Primary

    What’s really crazy is that we already have like 5 gigs lined up, with 2 more that are good possibilities, all gotten with the mixed only version of the EP LOL. And 3 of those are huge (Cheyenne Frontier Days and 2 possibilities at Greeley Stampede). It is so obvious to us that we went in the right direction coming to Evergroove.

    Scott Leach, Michael Aldridge

    When my band decided to record our CD, we looked around at a lot of studios, but Evergroove offered us the most flexibility in pricing and recording, and we trusted that Brad Smalling understood our music and had the skills to realize our vision. Evergroove has worked with us as partners in recording our CD, rather than simply as clients. The studio itself is beautiful and put us at ease, and Brad has really gone out of his way to make each one of our respective performances sound as good as possible. Working with Brad has also been a pleasure; he’s a friendly guy knowledgeable about music who provides the right level of encouragement and push to get the best out of us as musicians. Everyone in Choke The Word has raved about our studio experience and Evergroove and we’d all encourage any other bands to use this studio.

    Good times this weekend! Thanks again for everything. You were a pleasure to work with and we really had a blast.

    JP Lawless, Go Home Joe

    We just wanted to let you know we got the mixes and they sound awesome!

    Craig Patterson, The Fallen Pines

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