Colorado’s Recording Studio Dynamic Duo

Recording + Mix Engineer | Brad Smalling

As owner, audio engineer, builder, and brainchild of Evergroove Recording Studio near Denver, Colorado, Brad has what you might say is a vested interest in the studio. After spending three years studying at the prestigious University of North Texas College of Music, Brad decided he did not want to live out his career as a session musician. He began years of audio engineering self-study while saving funds, learning computers inside and out, and honing his customer service and project management skills as a network engineer and administrator. After a corporate merger and subsequent layoff, Brad dug his heels in and spent three years sweating, studying, and building Evergroove Studio in Evergreen (west of Denver), Colorado while doing independent recording projects, interning at Immersive Studios, and performing with a local band.

With nearly 20 years experience as a guitarist and singer, Brad knows exactly what musicians are looking for in a recording facility. As a Recording Engineer he is creative and not dogmatic about his approach to recording. Every record is different and should be treated with individuality. The same can be said for his approach as a Mix Engineer. Each song is different and should not be treated with a “cookie cutter” mentality. His personal experience on both sides of the glass has formulated his personal mission to create a fun, relaxing, great-sounding, and affordable professional recording experience for all.

Brad is available for work at Evergroove Studio or as a Recording or Mix Engineer at your own facility be that a studio in your hometown or even your basement.

Recording Studio Manager | Jenny Smalling

As a non-musician, Jenny has a unique management perspective for Evergroove that helps create balance on either side of the glass. After graduating from the University of North Texas, she has spent over 15 years in education, project management, and customer service for a variety of industries, from huge corporations to small local businesses. A Jane of all trades, Jenny has taught herself business and technical writing, web design, graphic design, photography, construction arts, and customer relations. She demands excellence in customer service without compromising quality or fun. With these experiences and perspectives, she helps run the non-music side of the business so that the musicians can focus on the recording end. Jenny enjoys the physical interpretation of music as a budding tribal fusion belly dancer.

Brad Smalling Denver Colorado Audio Recording Engineer at Evergroove Recording StudioJenny Smalling Manager Evergroove Recording Studio Near Denver Colorado