Professional Colorado Recording Studio Design

Evergroove Studio represents the best in Denver Colorado area recording studio design and acoustics. Other Denver area recording studios may use professional acoustic treatments on the walls, but almost none have had the entire building completely stripped to the exterior studs and purpose re-built as a professional recording studio facility. Luckily, the carefully tuned acoustic treatments also happen to be beautiful.

What if Frank Lloyd Wright decided he wanted to record some tunes? What kind of a recording studio would he design? The answer lies in the nationally famous studio designs of Wes Lachot, one of which is Evergroove. By combining beautiful natural shapes with acoustically tuned materials and angles, Wes has honed the craft of audio facility design to an art. With Wes’ professional design, beautiful acoustics were built in, eliminating the need for additional sound treatment. Excellent design resulted in an excellent sounding studio… naturally.

For more information about recording studio design services, please contact Wes Lachot. (Evergroove does not offer studio design services.)

Studio Construction

Lots of folks can say they know how to build a studio, but how many have actually done it? Some of the few professional electricians, carpenters, drywallers, masons, and other construction contractors in the Denver area with studio construction experience helped build Evergroove Studio. Not only did we enlist the experts on our quest, but we also sought out like-minded, hard-working musicians to put their blood, sweat, and ears into each and every screw, timber, and sheet of drywall. And believe us, there is a lot of drywall. How else does one create a beautiful resonance on the inside while keeping out the myriad sounds of the world?

Rare Denver Colorado Area Professionally Designed Recording Studio