Recording Audio

On-Site Recording with Engineer

At home outside Denver, Colorado, Evergroove is the best value and vibe for your recording studio needs in every way possible. With this rate, you get to use everything in the building, and have everything expertly run by owner Brad Smalling, our on-site audio engineer. Brad can help you with your project, from inception to mastering. Brad knows the studio inside and out because, well, he literally built it from the ground up. Unless you request otherwise, you will always work with Brad on your project.

Brad and Evergroove want every Evergroove client to be proud of their recording project, and Evergroove wants to be proud of every project with the recording studio’s or Brad’s name on it.

BYO Engineer

Do you need to rent a recording space near Denver, Colorado? Do you have your own engineer, but lack a spot to record or the equipment to do it with? Is there someone you really want to work with already, but need a place to make the magic happen? BYOE and use our facility and gear to lay down your tracks. Subject to studio availability. Always priced at a low “rent the studio” rate.

Live Recording with Video

(coming soon!)

We consider the Live Recording with Video package to be the best option for those looking for a demo. The purpose of a demo is to let a venue or promoter know what you are like – what a better way than to let them hear and see you in action? This gives you something akin to a live-broadcast-video feeling, which makes it a great online promotion as well.

Over two days, the band records up to three takes of each song in front of three cameras. The best take of each song is mixed down to create a studio-quality recording with video flair. Due to the nature of this recording style, punch-ins are not allowed – a challenge we find brings out the best in performances! This service is offered at an affordable price for every artist.

You can view examples over on the Mountain Size Records YouTube channel.

Evergroove uses high-quality gear like this custom-made Mission Amps '59 Fender Princeton clone.