Wayland (Acoustic)

Wayland plays, approximately, 300 shows a year and rarely gets time off. The last week of February, leading up to their show at Eck’s Saloon, just happened to be one of those rare occasions. The band called me up and asked two questions – could they crash at the studio for almost a week and… oh yea… can we do a live broadcast too? The answer to both questions was a simple, and emphatic, “hell yes!” to both.

When it came time to setup for the acoustic broadcast the band expressed an interest in keeping the recording very open, organic, and based around the traditional technique of only using one microphone. We got the guys setup around a single, multi-pattern, tube-based, condenser, microphone. We set the polar pattern to omnidirectional and adjusted the height to slightly favor the vocals. In the end we did need to add DIs for the guitars and blended those in just a little. We, as well as Wayland, are super happy with the results.

We had a great time hanging with the guys and all of us getting to know each other a little more. The broadcast was, dare I say, magical and the night concluded with us, the band, and some very close friends relaxing and reconnecting the rest of the evening.

Check out the video and enjoy!