Springdale Quartet

For their first full-length release, Springdale Quartet wanted to make a record in a space close to home where they were comfortable. What better place than their own home practice space which was lovingly called the “Noisefactory” (and how the record got it’s name).

They hired us to bring our mobile recording rig to the practice space. So we loaded up the rig with mics, stands, cables… everything you’d need to record on-site and headed over. We loaded in on a Friday, setup up the mics, and dialed-in the tones. Then we hit it hard for the next two days tracking everything live with just a few overdubs. The tracks were then taken back to Evergroove for mixing and then sent to David Glasser at Airshow in Boulder for mastering.

The result was a very live, raw, and organic sounding record that really captured the essence of what Springdale Quartet can deliver. Check it out!