The Pamlico Sound

With a rock solid rhythm section and rockin’ horns combined with amazing voice of Lauren Bacon, The Pamlico Sound has quickly gained popularity as Boulder, Colorado’s premier party band!

When it came time to get a recording done, The Pamlico Sound contacted Evergroove Studio. The session was tracked in 3 parts. The first part consisted of recording the drums, guitars, and bass, live, all in the same room. We chose our microphones and their placement carefully in order to best utilize the polar patterns to keep bleed to a minimum. Part two involved tracking the horn section again all live in the same room. Finally we tracked the lead and backing vocals also live in the same room. The result of all this live tracking was a very vibrant recording with a lot of air and space around it that not only felt cohesive but also captured a certain excitement and spontanaeity that you only get with a bunch o’ great musicians making music together – in the same room.