Elisha McArthur

Elisha describes her music as “Celtic rooted folk mesh” and I don’t know that we could describe it any better!

Elisha’s first, full length, release is a concept album with a very interesting story. Titled Darkness Made Light Known┬áthis album, in Elisha’s words, “…is about a journey, a journey that we all experience at some time in Life, often many times. In the form of small daily nuances or a massive Life odyssey of many years: We all spend time in the darkness, struggling and blind, suffering, failing… only to have a greater appreciation for the Love filled Light that shines upon us at the end of our dark tunnel. For without having known the depths of despair, how can one truly experience the heights of ecstasy? Darkness Made Light Known. This album is the story of one such odyssey in my Life: A decades journey of finding my own personal light, having misplaced it somewhere as a young woman…”