Chris Fairbank

We have been working with Chris Fairbank for a couple of years now mostly on demo EPs for promotional material. When it came time to do a full-length, Chris wanted us to assist with Production as well as Engineer the album. So, after a couple pre-production meetings, we tracked Chris’ vocals and guitars as bed tracks and then started exploring the tunes.

Overdubs ended up being fairly light because we wanted to stay true to the raw/honest nature of Chris’ songs however for a few tunes Chris arranged some beautiful string quartet parts. To play the string parts he called in the Per Vita String Quartet and they did a fantastic job.

For backing vocals we brought in Julie Stratton of The Mile Markers. Julie has a very strong yet beautiful voice. She has a passion for singing and you can really tell that by the way she adds inflection on just the right words at just the right time.

Percussion and keyboards were played by Evergroove Intern Alums Colton Sparks and Mario Powell, respectively.

The album is titled “Letters for the Wind.” It’s a beautiful mixture of acoustic guitar, percussion, stings, insightful lyrics; truly an Indie Folk masterpiece. Check it out!