Mission Statement. Goals. Our Policies. Whatever you want to call it, every company has a “code of ethics” – advertised and/or internalized. We understand this may be misconstrued as corporate mumbo-jumbo, but we think it is important to inform folks as to how we are philosophically different for everyone else who offers recording, mixing, mastering, and audio consulting services. Our clients have told us that some of the minor stuff is incredibly important to them, so we have listed some of that stuff too.

We will always advise you on what we feel is the best solution to your problem, regardless of our involvement.

We have sent people home on the first day of a project, refunded their money, and told them to woodshed for a couple months. We have referred people to studios that can better suit their needs. We have advised people on general music-related issues that do not involve us in any way. Why? We are not in this business to make money off of people – we are in this business to make sure people are happy with their audio projects.

We will never try to outbid anyone else. This is not fair to us, the client, or the industry as a whole.

Some studios may offer to beat all other prices – what good does that do? It only diminishes the financial value of the service for every single studio that exists. We will always give you the very best deal that we can, and will let you know what discounts you are eligible for, up front. If another studio offers you a better deal, and finances are too tight  or more important than the end result, please take that other studio up on their offer. We can say from experience that these situations often lead to abandoning the cheaper studio due to lack of quality, or to the studio abandoning the project due to other priorities. Ironically, money tends to be wasted rather than saved.

All of the clients and projects listed on our website are actual clients and actual projects that we have been involved with.

Our definition of a client is someone who paid us money for our services, and was satisfied or better. So if we say a member of a major band is a client, that means we actually worked personally with that artist to make sure their needs and goals were met or exceeded. We encourage everyone to question anything they see on any studio’s client and/or project list – you may be surprised.

We will never try to sell you on our services or product – our work speaks for itself.

If we contact you out of the blue, it is because we saw or heard your music and we would love to work with you. You will get one “reach-out” – that’s it. If you contact us, we will follow up with you promptly and reasonably until your questions have been answered. (We return every phone call and email. If you call and do not hear from us, we did not get your message… please call us back!) If you choose another studio, we will congratulate you on your decision and offer our free service of listening to your project – at any stage – in our professionally-tuned audio environment, or any other service or advice you may want along your project’s journey. After that, you won’t hear from us again unless you contact us. The bottom line, again, is that we want happy clients – people who look forward to working with us as much as we look forward to working with them – and the fact that we get paid for that is just a bonus. We are not in this for the money, we are in it for the love of what we do.

We will never shoot down another studio.

If you ask us what we know about another studio, we will tell you the complete truth, however wonderful or not-so-great that may be. We will tell you what we have personally experienced, and what our clients have told us. We won’t, however, badmouth other studios. We simply do not want to be associated with that behavior. The Colorado music community will take care of that sort of nonsense on it’s own… We want to be a part of the family, not the nasty drunk uncle no one wants to deal with.

We will always look out for your best interests and do our best to satisfy your wishes.

If you want to sound like Jon Bonham, and you have a cheap plastic drum kit and want to record yourself in your bathroom, we will tell you frankly that your goals are impossible. What we will tell you is how to best mic your drum in the most appropriate room in your house to sound as good as possible… and suggest you borrow a buddy’s better kit. If you want something that is technically feasible, and we disagree, we will do it anyway. If you say you want ONE mic on that drum kit, we will introduce one solitary mic…. and it will be the very best sound we can get out of that little fella. Of course if you ask for our opinion, or want the opinions of others, we are happy to make recommendations.

Our studio is completely engineer-and-manager owned, operated, and loved.

We gutted a structure on our property to the studs and started over. We can tell you every single detail about every single aspect of the studio, how it is run, who it has worked with… the entire story. (Okay we can’t tell you how much sleep we have lost… we couldn’t keep track.) We started our business on cash, continue to run on cash to this day, and refuse to ever change that policy. If the studio doesn’t get paid, neither do we. Actually, only the engineer is paid, and that is a recent development. Why? Because since before we opened our doors, we have focused on putting our money back into the studio. So if you want to know where your $40/hr (or very likely less) is going, it is going straight to the people and building and business which helps you fulfill your dreams, and the events they support (like the Underground Music Showcase and musician medical fund drives)… and no further. There is no man behind the curtain. It’s just us and you.