Online Mixing & Online Mastering

Whether you call it online mixing, online mastering, e-mixing, remote mixing, or virtual mixing… now through the wonders of technology, anyone can attend any mixing or mastering session from anywhere in the world, online, with an Internet connection. Through Source-Live and Skype, you can hear everything Brad is doing with your rough or final mixes in near-real time (there is a slight delay while the signal goes all the way in to space and then comes back down to Earth exactly where intended). How well does it work? Ask The Primary, a South Korean band that guerrilla-records themselves, then use the skills of Evergroove for mixing and mastering in a near-perfect audio environment on the other side of the planet.

Online Mixing

Does the thought of not attending the mixing session bother you, but you have other places to be? We have your solution – you can tune in to your mixing session, online, from anywhere in the world via the World Wide Web. It costs you nothing more, and has many advantages – first, you can check in on your session at any time, from any place, with any Internet-connected device… It couldn’t be more convenient. Second, it allows the engineer to mix relatively undisturbed, since attended sessions tend to prompt people to ask questions before the engineer has had a chance to put something where he intends to put it… mixing takes music to some extremes before the perfect balance is found.

Online Mastering

No matter where in the world you are, we can master for you. And like online mixing, with online mastering you can tune in to your mastering session at any time. Simply let the engineer know that you are interested in doing an online mastering session, and they will set up the audio feed at no extra charge.

Song Edits

Dancers and performers! Don’t settle for cheap, choppy, poorly-edited music for your next performance – let Evergroove mix the song(s) so that they work with your performance, instead of shoehorning the performance around a poorly-edited song.

How much? See Prices & Policies.

Remote Mixing from Colorado USA with The Primary in South Korea
Remote Online Mixing by Evergroove Recording Studio