Mixing Audio

Flat Rate Mixing Session

Our audio mixing engineer works on mixing your audio independently for as long as is necessary to get your song sounding its best. You may observe the mixing session via our online services if you choose – no need to be in the Denver area with us. This option is best for those who have a multi-song or longer-term mixing project, because you know exactly how much you are going to pay (the “flat rate” in the title). The price includes one recall. Additional audio mix recalls are billed at the standard hourly mixing rate.

Attended Mixing Sessions

If you are in the Denver area, or come to visit us in Colorado,  you can attend your audio mixing session in person. While we don’t mind having company while mixing, we have found that attended audio mix sessions usually take longer than when the engineer is allowed to work uninterrupted.

However, if you have a very specific vision for your music, it may be best to attend the mix session. There are affordable ways to do this – contact us to discuss your project.

Attended mix sessions are billed at the standard hourly mixing rate. This is your best (okay, your only) option if you wish to attend the session and/or  interact with the mixing process in person.

Online Mixing Sessions

The Internet has opened so many new doors. Online mixing is one of those. We provide this additional service for the low, low price of FREE. It’s a hybrid of attended and unattended mixing, available anywhere in the world, so you pay Flat Rate rates and get Attended Mix Session observation. You simply log in to our SourceLive feed, and you are listening to Brad mix magically before your ears! (Okay there are a few seconds of delay… the Interweb beam has to go all the way to a satellite in space and back…) You may speak with The Brad, but because of the forced delay, we have found that folks aren’t as keen to interrupt the process unless there is a major problem. And it’s fun to be the fly on the wall! Read more about Online Mixing here.

How much? See Prices, Scheduling & Policies.

Mixing audio outside Denver, Colorado.