Mastering Audio

Mastering is the final step in the long chain of events that leads to an awesome recording. Mastering is the final tweak, the spit-polish, the quality verification check, the scrutinized listen and correction. Mastering is what gives the recording that little something-something to make it stand out above the crowd.

Evergroove offers audio mastering services at affordable prices. Evergroove will happily master audio recordings from other studios or DIY projects, and can consult on whether a mixing project done at another studio or DIY is ready for mastering.

Evergroove offers mastering services on our own audio recording projects with the understanding that a break between mixing and mastering is highly encouraged. Mastering is sweetening of audio by listening with a fresh pair of ears… If you choose to have the mixing engineer also master the audio, ensure you get the new perspective in the process.

During blind listening tests, Evergroove’s audio engineer has been chosen over much more pricey and experienced audio mastering engineers, so we offer free listening shoot-outs. If you have several mastering engineers to consider, come to our professionally-designed listening environment, and we will provide the blind test. Our only price? Let us throw our hat in the ring too.

How much? See Prices, Scheduling & Policies.

Audio Mastering with Lightlooms of Denver Colorado