Let It Bleed

The Art of Live Studio Recording

Alan Evans (Playonbrother Studio, Soulive)
David Glasser (Airshow Mastering, GRAMMY winner)

Date: April 9-13, 2015
Class limit: 6 students
Cost: $600
Registration: https://alan-evans-recording-workshop.eventbrite.com

Go into the studio with legendary producer, engineer and musician, Alan Evans, engineer of many a Royal Family Records artist, including Lettuce and his own band Soulive. This is a rare opportunity to spend three with days with Alan as he teaches you the ins and outs of recording a real band, live, in the studio. Wrap the workshop with a day of mastering with GRAMMY winner, David Glasser.

Summary: Once upon a time, in a far off land called Motown, cats would lay down their grooves in the studio, playing together, at the same time, live, and tracking it that way, giving us recordings with incredible sound and energy. They had only 4 or 8 tracks to use, and it all had to be physically cut and taped back together to make changes. Thankfully tools and techniques have evolved, but how does a modern engineer actually pull off a live recording without bleed, phase issues, and all sorts of other nastiness that can make mixing a live record hell? After this four-day workshop, you’ll come out understanding the importance of a good load-in, knowing critical live recording and mixing workflow and techniques, and learning mastering wisdom.

Friday: Band Load-in, setup, mic selection and placement
Saturday: Recording, overdubs, production, editing
Sunday: Mixing
Monday: Mastering

Under Alan’s careful guidance as he works with a real band, you’ll learn such things as: what to consider about placing the band in the room; mic selection and placement and how to use a microphone’s polar pattern to the best of its ability to avoid excessive bleed from other instruments; phase coherency and what to watch out for so that your tracks don’t sound thin and lifeless; live band tracking techniques; and production techniques as he works with a band to help make a song the best it can be. Finally, Alan will teach you about mixing as he uses compressors, EQs, effects, and other processing to combine all those live tracks together into the final song.

On the final day you’ll head to Airshow Mastering where you’ll be able to sit in on a mastering demonstration with GRAMMY award-winning mastering engineer David Glasser. David will teach you about mastering and what it is and is not. He will master the track that was produced, recorded and mixed by Alan during the workshop.

As a paid attendee of the workshop you will receive the multi-tracks from the workshop so that you can practice at home using the techniques you learned. You’ll also receive a copy of the final, mastered mix as a reference point in your own productions. On top of all this, you’ll get one hour of online consultation with Alan Evans FREE. And finally, you’ll receive 15% off any studio service from Evergroove Studio for 6 months after the workshop.

What You Get

  • A welcoming reception the evening of April 9 at Evergroove Studio, including a surprise from Alan Evans
  • Four days of instruction April 10-13
  • One-on-one interaction with an awesome educational team
  • One FREE hour of post-workshop one-on-one time with Alan Evans
  • 15% off any studio service at Evergroove Studio for six months after the workshop
  • Multi-track files of the session plus the final mastered recording
  • Tasty lunch options
  • SNACKS!!
  • A variety of tasty beverages

What You Provide

  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Lodging: Evergroove, 45 minutes outside of Denver, is an easy drive from the city. However, for the workshop you may want to stay at one of our lovely local inns. It will feel more like a retreat if you do. Out-of-towners can book a room at one of our lovely local inns. Contact us for a list of folks offering discounts.
  • Transportation: Commuting from Denver: Evergroove is a short drive away (and going against traffic!). It is DEFINITELY more gorgeous than your daily commute (unless you live up here, in which case you know what we are talking about). For out-of-towners: If you do not have a car, there is a local taxi service. You will also need to arrange for transport to and from the airport. Let us know your travel plans, and we’ll help you with options.
  • Mentally steel yourself for information absorption – this workshop is intense.

How To Sign Up and Other Nuggets

  • Register through EventBrite. Registration closes at midnight on March 30.
  • If we have to reschedule (snowpocolypse, Yellowstone supervolcano explosion, zombie alien invasion, etc.) we will offer a rain date.
  • No refunds. But what if…? No refunds. Thanks for understanding. Your registration can be transferred once to another person, however.

Recording the workshop is not permitted. Photos are cool though.