The Gear of a Colorado Recording Studio

Recording System

  • Soundcraft 6000: A classic, 30-channel, 24-bus, console allowing 54 inputs at mixdown.
  • ProTools 12 HDX: The industry standard, our HDX system which provides a plethora of tracks and plug ins, compatibility and portability, is at the heart of Evergroove Studio. Connected to the HDX are three, HD192s, which are configured to provide 32 I/O.







  • 1973ish Fender Twin Reverb
  • 1959 Fender Deluxe Clone by Mission Amps in Denver
  • 1959 Fender Princeton Clone by Mission Amps in Denver
  • Marshall JCM 800 2203 with extra overdrive mods
  • Ampeg SVT-4Pro
  • Acoustic B600H bass amp head
  • Avatar 2×12 with Celestion V30s
  • Acoustic B410 4×10 bass cab
  • Ampeg SVT 610 HLF 6×10 bass amp cab
  • Orange Rockerverb 50 mk I 2×12 combo
audio recording equipment
The *best* leslie cabinet in all of Colorado
audio patchbay
An AKG 414 and vintage Shure 55 for recording vocals
shinybox ribbon mic on guitar amp