FAQs About Your Colorado Recording Studio

Q. Are the roads to the recording studio bad when it snows?
A. No. Colorado road crews know how to keep our recording studio accessible. We are on a county highway that is also a school bus route. Honestly. Jenny commutes to Denver most days of the week, and Denver is almost always worse. The blizzard of ’03? Our road was plowed to the asphalt.

Q. How far is the recording studio from Denver?
A. 45 minutes, even with moderate traffic. Think of your normal work commute – not too far off is it? You do have to be aware of the usual up-and-down-the-hill delays like holidays or wandering elk herds. But otherwise we are pretty much as far away as any other place in the metro area… except you get to drive through the beautiful foothills most of the way. Wouldn’t you much rather be stuck in traffic because of some deer on the move? :-)

Q. What genre of music does the recording studio work with?
A. Like the answer to the question below – pretty much all of it. Modern violin, traditional blues, twists on bluegrass, old-school hip-hop, and nearly every flavor of rock there is. It is said that there is no single “Colorado sound” and we think it’s because we are blessed with talent from so many genres!

Q. What style of music do you like?
A. Pretty much all of it. No, really! If you browse our music collection – both professional and personal – you will find everything from Vivaldi to Iron Maiden. Our favorite big concerts include Loreena McKennitt, Peter Gabriel, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Train, and The Flaming Lips. You are as likely to find us at a Dwight Yokum tribute show as the side of the pit at Red Fang.

Q. If we have a multi-day session, can we crash at the recording studio?
A. In many cases, yes. Our recording studio represents the best of everything that is Colorado – trees, mountains, easy access, and wildlife. At the moment we are re-vamping the main house to allow guests to stay overnight. We ask that you “contribute to the cause” and respect the household in general. We also have plenty of space to camp – folks have woken up to investigating elk! (Be aware that all fire restrictions will be enforced – no exceptions.)

Q. Do you get mountain lions and bears?
A. All of our clients have been human, so far. But all manner of wildlife live in our Colorado mountain home with us, including mountain lion, black bear, bobcat, fox, elk, deer, chipmunk, and Sasquatch. For this reason we request that you not leave food in your vehicle and keep your windows rolled up, and please pick up after yourself by not leaving food or beverages outside. If you attract wildlife, we will send it home with you (if it does not decide to go home with you first – it’s happened before).

Q. Have you recorded any famous bands at your recording studio?
A. That depends on who you ask. Yes, we have recorded artists that are “famous” in Denver – several of them. All have national potential, and one is really big in South Korea. Okay they are in South Korea. But, yes, we have worked with a couple truly famous folks, albeit none behind the microphone yet (it’s fun to dream anyway)… check out our Projects :-)