Employment and Jobs at a Colorado Recording Studio

Evergroove does not currently have any open positions. If you contact us about a position anyway, we will assume you either ignored what we said or did not do your homework and look at our website. Two strikes (Seriously – if we were to hire someone, this kind of attention to detail would be a qualifying test).

We have been advising all parties who inquire about employment in Denver to take the following route: become an independent contractor.

Since we have been open, more and more studios have opened, and more studios than that seem to have closed. No one is hiring. Whether you are a seasoned engineer looking to break into the next big scene (which is of course in Colorado), or fresh out of college looking for your first break, the advice is the same: go find artists that you can’t wait to record – you probably already know a few – and offer them the best deal they have ever heard of. Instead of investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, equip, furnish, fine-tune, and run a kick-ass facility, you simply rented one. But rent a good one, like Evergroove (Yes, Evergroove offers a Bring Your Own Engineer service). Some places may even offer you a deep discount if you work off-hours. If you want to invest in a small case of must-have mics, that is a good idea. But otherwise, take advantage of the fact that there are so many studios in Denver!


Evergroove only considers recording studio internship applications from students in audio programs requiring a specified number of internship hours (or similar requirement) to complete a certified career or degree program - no exceptions. (Sorry, the Department of Labor defines interns as such and so we will follow that definition so we don’t scare up an audit.) Please do not contact us if you do not meet this requirement.

If you qualify for this requirement, please fill out our Internship Request form as soon as possible regarding the requirements and desired time-frame of your internship. Summers are most popular and we do not accept more than one intern at a time. We give preference to interns who can commit longer periods of assistance due to the depth of information and weight of responsibility you may be given. Internships are unpaid; however, you may enjoy perks such as free shows, free meals, free beer (if you are of age), free advice, free time in the studio, etc. Please note that we are one of the few studios in Colorado offering internships, so slots fill quickly – we advise you contact us as soon as possible regarding your servitude – um, tenure – at our studio. You will be required to sign a waiver – our internships are intense, informative, and will give you a definite idea of the ins and outs of a successful studio – you could go on to pursue a career in engineering like Drew who spent two years as head engineer at the legendary Little Bear Saloon and is now a successful freelancer in the Denver area, or you could decide to do something completely different.