The Media Fires Reviewed in Marquee Magazine


We recently completed a 5 song EP, titled Lit, with Denver based Alternative Rock band The Media Fires. We loved working on this album and had a great time getting to know the guys and their music!

The guys worked very hard on this album and their hard work has paid off with a very positive review in the Marquee Magazine. You can read the review here – Marquee Magazine Reviews The Media Fires.

At the moment they are offering a free download of the album via a SoundCloud account, The Media Fires on SoundCloud

So congrats guys! We’re proud of ya.

The Media Fires Live at the Hi-Dive

The Media Fires on stage at the Hi-Dive celebrating the release of their debut EP titled “Lit.”

The 10:39s Pick Evergroove for Their Next Album


The 10:39s are a kind of Indy/Pop band that have a sound you cannot help but love. They recently did a demo session here at Evergroove to see how we work and what the space is like and they loved it! They’ve started a Kickstarted campaign to help raise a modest amount of funds to help them record, mix, master, and produce a limited rum of CDs. Please check out their Kickstarter campaign and consider donating.

The 10:39s Kickstarter Campaign