Transfer Vinyl or Cassette to WAV, CD, or MP3

We can transfer most vinyl formats such as 33 1/3 (EP), 45 (LP), and 78 RPM records, and most cassette audio tapes to MP3 file, WAV file, or CD.  (Sorry we cannot transfer reel-to-reel tapes at this time.) We are located outside Denver, Colorado, so we can usually arrange for convenient pickup of your audio transfer media in the Denver metro area. We can also accept media via post from anywhere in the world (return shipping charges apply).

Here is how the audio transfer process goes:

  • Vinyl is cleaned.
  • The studio-quality recording surface (needle or heads) is cleaned appropriately.
  • The vinyl or tape is transferred to a WAV file through a basic set of audio correction software that will not negatively affect the output in any way.
  • If requested, the output WAV file is cleaned up to remove really bad pops, clicks, clips, warbling, etc. as much as possible. Note that this process is not guaranteed to remove all unwanted artifacts. Talk to the engineer for more information.
  • If requested, the WAV file is converted to MP3 and/or CD.
  • If available, vinyl records get a new, clean, archive-quality sleeve, and the outer jacket is wiped clean and gets a clear, archive-quality protective cover.

How much? See Prices, Scheduling & Policies.

Vinyl to digital audio transfer outside Denver Colorado